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About Us

Sun's provides a gentle, secure place of praise and encouragement for children 2 to 6 years old. We pride ourselves in focusing on the "whole child" by offering a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences that nurture:

Sharing and asking nicely are core concepts we encourage all students to practice via gentle reminders and showing students why it feels good to respect and care about others.

Physicality is important for children to learn, especially in regards to affecting others. Dance time and play time are times during which large motor activity is encouraged and praised.

We hope our circle, workbook, story, and craft times encourage students to wonder and question the reality in which they find themselves, and we encourage students to ask questions in any situation.

Students are asked to 'talk it out' during times of confusion or arguments, and teachers explain to students how they impact each other, and what they can actively do about the situation at hand by using their minds and bodies in thoughtful manners.

It is of utmost importance that our students feel safe in their environment, as well as loved. We at Sun's do our best to nurture each individual child's emotional needs, and encourage parents to ask us questions or talk to any of us about your child's emotional needs if you feel that your child is not comfortable.

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