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All preschool students will have the opportunity to participate in the following developmentally appropriate and literacy-based curriculum:

Creative Arts/Crafts
At least two times a week or more, arts and crafts are tailored to incorporate the monthly theme, as well as the development of small motor skills.

Music and Movement
Music is a part of our daily curriculum during circle as well as dance time. Many of our songs include simple directions, making learning fun!

Language (Spelling, Writing, Reading)
Each day students have workbook time, in which all aspects of developmentally appropriate academia is included.

Math (Calendar, Counting, Shapes, Time)
Not only is math introduced in our workbooks, but Calendar time during circle is very informative and fun when it comes to understanding fundamental concepts. The base ideas behind time is represented during calendar as well.

Students develop their curiosity about the natural world through short exploratory walks outdoors and simple hands-on science experiments in class, discussing observations throughout the process.

Fun Games
Of course, kids learn more easily if they're having fun! Our classrooms are filled with educational toys and games with the which students are allowed to explore for 30 minutes out of the day.

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